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A website to help you think about your life
along your journey


Welcome to website developed by cancer survivors and people with chronic health conditions.

In our experience anything you can do to have more control through your journey with a chronic health condition or cancer is essential. provides easy to use practical tools for each stage of the journey to help you:

  • Process your thoughts and feelings

    Elizabeth shared the tool with her family to tell them how they could help her throughout treatment. Kirk shared his tool with his family to let them understand what good days and bad days feel like.

  • Take control and make decisions

    Amanda used her with her doctor to discuss the impact of treatment on her life. Kirk used his to discuss the support he needs from his family.

  • Think about the "what now" and the "what next"

    The tool helped Susan to think about the next few months of her life after treatment. Kirk used the tool to help his family and friends understand his thought process.

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You can return to the website and click on MY TOOLS to get started. This provides a list of all tools available and the saved copies of the tools you have completed. This is where you can share a link to your tools with others.